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For those who don't have Myspace...

Here's a bulletin Tom posted with some useful info:

A lot of you keep asking what we're up to these days. Just thought I'd let you know what I'm (Tom) up to at the mo and let you know that I still see the others (bar Jon who is off travelling the world with CSS) regularly and they are all a rockin.

Me and Eddy have pretty much just finished the LOSERS album and are looking to release the first single "No Man Is An Island" early next year. It's gonna come with remixes by GRUM, Utah Saints and Tobias Dopleganger.

We haven't put any original music on our page yet but we've got some remixes up on there (Presets,Delays, Death Kit). We've just done one for Dan & Pip for their new collaboration with Del La Soul on Thou Shalt Always Kill.
Check out the Losers Thou Shalt Not use Hip Hop Superstars When Pip Is Actually Better Remix!

We've decided to call the Album "Beautiful Losers". On it we've collaborated with Brian from Placebo, Riz MC and Pablo from the Death Kit and I had a pop at a couple of others tracks.

We're hoping to get on the road early next year to play the live set but don't have any dates for you yet other than a festival in Austria called Snowside Winter Festival which is in Nassfeld, Tirol from 23-28 March.

If anyone is interested in coming to have a boogie in Germany I'm DJing in HAMBURG on Dec 19th and COLOGNE on Dec 20th.
For more details go to my page HERE

Hope you're all well.
If you want to drop me a line please use my page (see link above) as this one doesn't get used much these days :(

Miss you



I was lucky to see their live set the Saturday before last in Reading, and I'd highly recommend it to you all! They're both nice guys as well :-). Bring on next year!
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