Hippy Tosspot (suthnoli) wrote in rhysmix,
Hippy Tosspot


"Losers have a drummer now, who adds both ovaries and another six feet or more of height to the already lofty duo of myself and Tom Bellamy. Looking forward immensely to rehearsals and subsequent gigs. Our first single has been put back until January, because the amazing animated video featuring the artwork of the incredible Dan Hillier is taking so long to make. Unfortunately, animations tend to take an age but I know it'll be worth it. We've got mixes in from South Central, Dan Le Sac, Skism, Sukh Knight, Zero B, and Tom Maddicott, so we will be doing some targeted giveaways in the run up to release. The album, 'Beautiful Losers' will be released shortly afterwards. Looks like February."

(from this week's Eddy Says)
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