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I've ripped the Delays Loser remix that was mentioned a little while ago. Here it is - Delays - Friends Are False (Losers Wilson Says Aaron Remix). It's a good'un.

There's a new track up on Tom's dedicated Rhysmix myspace page; 'Rhysmix vs Midi Midis', and he's updated his remix list to include a mention of a solo remix by The Slips.

Also I noticed the following on Eddy's myspace, which might be of interest. I presume the 'older stuff' section is pre-Tom era Losers stuff, as I asked about the Athlete track a while ago and Mr Bellamy didn't seem to know anything about it.

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Chick from Bates

presets losers remix

I still haven't figured out, what's wrong with my CD...

but in the meantime - eddy uploaded the losers remix of "This Boy's In Love" by The Presets to his myspace. So have a listen, if you're so inclined, and don't check your myspace regularly/have a life.

The Captain Phoenix Losers Remix is out as a download btw.
Chick from Bates


right, so did anyone buy the Look For The Woman Single, and tried to listen to the TSAK Rhysmix? mine arrived in the mail today, and, uhm, about two minutes in Look For the Woman begins to play... the last 5seconds are the usual Rhysmix again... wtf is up with that? I do not approve. I like LFtW, but... there were 3 versions of that song on there already, that was enough.
Chick from Bates

TSAK release

Hey, some actual news not concerning Losers.

The 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' Rhysmix will be released with the next Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip Single (look) - it doesn't say which version, but, hey, it's actually on a CD (I love my vinyls, don't get me wrong... but - CD!), so let's all be happy for now.

Little update...

I am well aware that there is a new (and really good) remix of You're My Fix by Slyde that has been played on Eddy's radio show over the last couple of weeks, as soon as they post the song on Myspace I'll try put it up here :-) .

There was also something on their status thing on Myspace saying something about being "poised ready for the arrival of a very special guest to do some vocals for them tomorrow!!", this was on Thursday... I'm very intrigued, maybe they're doing original material as well, but who knows??

One last thing, they've also posted a couple of pics from last week's Remix All Nighter at the SeOne club, which in Eddy's own words featured Tom "having a really good time, insanely dancing on stage, being royally drunk and generally being the bane of the stage directors' lives", hahaha! He even read out a text I sent to the show regarding that comment which was funny.

Chick from Bates

yet another release?

for those, that didn't read it on myspace, it looks like we might be able to get our hands on a physical copy of the Losers Goose remix soon. it also looks like there might be an album coming up.

here's what eddy had to say

I've just been told those nice people at Skint are putting together a Goose Remix Album,
and that they're including the Losers Mix of 'Check'. It never came out and holds a special place in my heart as being the very first modern day Losers mix...that is to say with me at Tom 'Rhysmix' Bellamy in the driving seat. It was done when the Cooper Temple Clause were still together, and we'd got on so well on tour that we'd decided to do something together, and I picked this mad drum n bass tempo interlude from Goose's album. The original was only a minute or so long, with this mental bassline, so we just gave it a life of its own, feeling Goose had not given this track the seeing to it deserved. We were going to call it The Cooper Temple-Morris mix, but decided against that because Tom had his Rhysmix electro outlet going.I'd forgotten all about it to be honest, but the news made me dig it out and put it up on the page for all to hear. Thanks and biggups to Skint and to those nice belgian boys, Goose, for their encouragement (and blistering set at Secret Garden last year)
It's historical for me as it sowed the seed of something, and while the Coopers imploded, the Losers solidified and now me and Tom have not only remixed loads of tracks but are a good way through our debut album, and it's sounding really lush. I can't wait to upload some tracks on the Losers page when the time is right, and see what you think of it.
anyway, thanks for your time, if you're on this page, i'll stop burbling now.
take care and do whatever you do, hard.


speaking of MySpace... the Sonny J Losers remix has recently been mentioned, but there's also one of Captain Phoenix up on the site. so check that out, if you haven't seen it already.